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Eduardo Manuel Ramirez Ortiz

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  • Kristin Ogata

    Ed and his team are so wonderful to work with. He helped us sell our lovely home and helped us buy our new home. Ed made the process as easy as possible And we feel so lucky to have found him. I would most definitely trust him again If we ever need help selling or buying!

  • Seller

    I am so grateful for Ed and the experience we had selling our home. Ed went above and beyond. He was always available to explain and walk us through the process. He was a great communicator, listened to our needs and delivered. We are so grateful for the outcome of selling our home and walked away with much more than we imagined we could get for our house. Not to mention the process was a breeze thanks to Ed. We 100% recommend going with Ed and his team! Thank you!

  • Jess Yvette

    I have been in the market close to 3 years and was very skeptical about using another realtor. At this point I had already gone through 3 with Kelsea from Team Ortiz being my last. I’m a healthcare worker working 18 hour days, sometimes 2 weeks straight before I get a day off. Being in a competitive market, being pre approved, working countless hours of overtime, and still not finding a home was very stressful. I had already gone through 2 other realtors that just didn’t work out. My availability also isn’t great because of my schedule. Sometimes I would find a home but couldn’t see it until days or even weeks later. At that point they were no longer available. I also submitted offers that were never picked and found homes with multiple offers standing. I think one home I found had 14 offers already! I was super hesitant to ask anyone else to take me on as a client. I met Kelsea a few years back and kept in touch here and there but it had been years since I last saw her. I saw she was a realtor but was embarrassed to tell her I wanted to buy but only had 1 day every 2 weeks off to try to make that happen. I felt like that was why my other realtors just didn’t want to deal with me. I was discouraged thinking maybe this just isn’t for me. I had seen a home I really really liked so I went out on a limb and asked Kelsea to take me on as a client but told her I found a place now which gave her no time to really prepare. I had seen her post everyday working and showing homes so I thought “why wouldn’t she be able to find me one?” She right away got to work and asked me when I would be able to see the house. Not expecting her to be willing, I told her I could only one day in the morning at 6-7am before my shift started. Let me tell everyone now.. Kelsea lives in Los Angeles and the house she was “showing” me is in Palm Springs with no guarantee that I would buy! 2 days later I was in the home and making an offer. I was already expecting the worse and started looking for backups but my heart was set on this one. Waiting for the listing agent to hopefully pick you is hard. Your emotions are up and down but Kelsea checked in every day and kept me in the loop step by step. I felt bad since she had made the long commute but she assured me I was her client and she would do whatever possible to help me. She really made my schedule her own which was what really made Kelsea and Team Ortiz a blessing for me. She would call before work, during my breaks, and after work to not intervene with me crazy work schedule. I had been in the market for 3 years and Kelsea made this happen for me in 3 days! Every time I see my home I think of Kelsea and her team. They really turned what seemed like a lost cause into my home and I couldn’t be more thankful. Being the owner now, I still can’t believe how fast and efficient Kelsea is. I’ll never forget her magic words, “we are going to be the best and strongest offer.” I have recommended Kelsea and the rest of Team Ortiz to everyone in my circle. You are never going to find a girl willing to jump in a car with you 2 days after taking you on as a client and taking you to what would soon be your home just because that’s the only day you can go! Thank you Kelsea and Team Ortiz for making this a reality for me.

  • Ramirez Family

    There are no words to express how Kelsea along with Team Ortiz helped us find our forever home. I can’t say enough positive things about her! As a single woman and a first-time home buyer I had no idea what the process is. I never saw Kelsea only as a Realtor. It was like Team Ortiz introduced me to a friend who would be my side and help me through this. I wasn’t looking to buy a house but Team Ortiz helped me see that I could own a HOME and that I deserved to have a place of our own. It never felt like they were trying to sell me a house but rather walked us through each step of the way and answered my millions of questions. Even during a pandemic, Kelsea made us feel safe and never let us lose hope even though we would be going against multiple bids when the market was so hot! By week two, Kelsea knew what I was looking for or better said what I needed for my family… First of all, I needed a place that “Mom” would feel comfortable. She would walk me into a house and say “Mom would love this” or “This is perfect for Mom”. She has never met Mom but she already knew what Mom would love or hate. She wasn’t only knowledgeful about home buying but very understanding about my wants and needs. It is apparent that Kelsea and Team Ortiz know the business inside-out and care about home buyers. I will be forever grateful for the time, patience and guidance shown by Kelsea and Team Ortiz! I highly recommend Kelsea and Team Ortiz to anyone!

  • Buyer

    I was a first time homebuyer and Yonathan was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. He was professional, reliable and went out of his way to make the process smooth for me. I highly recommend his services.

  • Buyer

    I was referred to Ed Ortiz by my father as he had previously aided my dad in successfully buying and selling some properties. I was initially very hesitant as many new homeowners tend to be, but Mr.Ortiz was patient enough to explain to me why the purchasing of my duplex was going to be a financial gain in the long run. He was helpful in explaining the purchase forms I was signing, and just all around attentive from the negotiation, inspection process, and all through closing. Pleased to inform that I have concluded the refinance transaction on my duplex and will be using the funds towards the purchase of my 2nd home and undoubtedly will be using Ed Ortiz and Team to get that transaction completed. Very grateful for his work efficiency and would absolutely recommend him to others.

  • Denise Plaxco

    They really know the neighborhood and they know the comps they know houses that have sold recently and what they went for. They knew listings that were coming up, they showed us everything that was listed but they didn't waste our time -that was my favorite thing about them - it was very quick because we didn't have a lot of time and they were great and patient. We did a 1031 exchange everything went smoothly with his finance people they were amazing- especially Leslie at Skyline. She worked late hours and we'd text documents since we're from a different state it was a very smooth transaction. Painless real estate doesn't use anybody else!

  • Buyer

    I worked with Ed Ortiz in purchasing an investment home located in Palmdale, California. Despite him being based out of Los Angeles, he travelled out to preview the property with me and ensured I got into escrow for no more than my budget peaked at. I was so pleased with his attentiveness, strong negotiating skills, honesty and knowledge of the market that I used his real estate services again for the listing of my investment property located on Chelsea Street Los Angeles, California. For this second instance, he helped me pinpoint the correct price point to sell my triplex and ensured a swift closing for myself and the new owners. If you hire Ed Ortiz and his team for your real estate needs, surely you won't be disappointed.

  • Buyer

    Eduardo was very helpful and knowledgeable. I was purchasing a house for the first time. Eduardo helped with the scariness that comes as a first-time buyer because I was afraid of being dupped. He helped me a lot and answered any question I might've had whether it was something very simple or a complex question like understanding different interest rates. He was also very responsive when I wanted to see a particular house. He made sure that I knew what I was doing and helped me find a house.

  • Seller

    I wanted to thank Team Ortiz for helping us sell our home at 851 Banks court drive Highland Park, from the start they understood our needs. They went over every detail of the process of selling our house and patiently answered any questions. They always made themselves available to us. We worked on a plan to sell our house and they came through for us 100%. We would definitely recommend Team Ortiz to anyone who is thinking of selling or buying a house. Thank you again, Team Ortiz!

  • Brenda Gonzalez

    I just met him at an open house this weekend and he was extremely knowledgeable about the community! As a future home buyer in northeast Los Angeles, I look forward to working with him as my realtor. I came in having no idea what area I was really trying to move into and when he showed me El Sereno I fell in love. It’s barely been one week and every day he’s been sending me properties that fit what I’m looking for.

  • Buyer & Seller

    Great experience working with him. Very trustworthy and determined to find you a perfect home. He knows what he's talking about and was able to answer all my questions. Made the process easy for me to understand and I would definitely recommend him.

  • Delhang

    Ed is a true professional and is amazing at what he does. He was able to get our home sold in a very short amount of time. The process was straight forward, he walked us through everything from start to end. He made thoughtful suggestions on how to showcase our home and brought in his professional contacts to take brilliant photographs of our home. We listed our home and we received o ers shortly after our rst open house. He was able to get us exactly what we were looking for as a sale price and we were very happy with the entire outcome. I would highly recommend him and I would de nitely work with him in the future should I be looking to buy or sell.

  • Seller

    Ed and his team sold our second home in one hour for the exact amount we asked for. We requested no MLS, no clients walking thru, short escrow, all cash and he was able to do exactly what we asked. Try his services, you will be very happy.

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